Framing Service


Our most popular frames are black and black, white, and gunmetal all with a silver edge. All are 30mm wide. We do not use moulding coated with either paper or film. We stock around fifty other frames and have over 2,000 others available to us. So, if you want something special, let us know. They can be viewed in our Market Harborough store.


Our standard glazing is 2mm Clear Cast Acrylic. Even we cannot tell the difference between this and glass to look at. We do not use styrene. Styrene is much cheaper and in theory stronger.  The problem is that it is stronger because it is flexible, so giving less support to the picture. Also, it can be as thin as 1mm, some is prone to yellowing in the light, and it is easier to scratch.

We offer Glass as an alternative but do not offer shipping on this because of the chance of breakage.

Acrylic is available as Extruded, Clear Cast (our standard), High UV Resistant, and Museum Quality. Although it is the cheapest, we do not use Excluded as it is weaker.

High UV (Ultraviolet) Resistant acrylic we can use for higher value pictures or where the picture will be hung in a lot of light, either natural or artificial. It offers 99% protection as opposed to around 70% for Clear Cast Acrylic

We do offer Museum Quality, which is brilliant including being non-reflective, but it is very expensive. For a 60 cm by 40 cm frame, it costs us over £60.


We use MDF for strength. Dependent on the size of the frame and thickness of the item to be framed, we use one or two sheets.

On top of this we use Conservation Board to protect the picture from acid over time.

If we are Framing your Picture

We will return your picture with the cord attached, with a wall fixing suitable for plasterboard and wood walls, and a tape covering the fixings.

If you are inserting your picture

Use a blunt dining knife to raise the tabs that hold everything in. Insert your picture, push the tabs down to secure and then attach the cord holders a third of the way down the back. Use the picture hook supplied if you have a plaster or wood wall. You may need to purchase a different hook if your wall is stone or brick. Tape over the tabs or just leave them as they will not show.


We make and sell bespoke frames. If you can come to our store in Market Harborough, on the Leicestershire Northamptonshire border with your picture or photo, we can quote you for the specification you require. It normally takes around 15 minutes for the framing as we have high quality professional equipment.

If you wish to buy through the website, please email us at with the size of your picture in millimetres. We will then send you a form with prices for various specifications.