How To Put Your Picture Into Our Frame

Place the frame on a towel on a table. Bend the pins upwards either by hand or using a blunt knife. These pins are made from flexible metal. Remove the contents. Place the acrylic sheet back into the frame. Next, put your print on the acrylic sheet and then reinsert the white barrier conservation board. Then put in the MDF back board and bend the pins down to secure the frame.

Run the tape supplied to cover the pins and part of the back. Use a sharp knife to cut the tape in the corners at a diagonal. Press the tape down onto the frame and backboard. This protects from insect attack.

The cord for hanging is attached on one side only, to make it much easier to put your print in. Tie the cord to the other side. The cord is treated and so can be slippery. When you have attached it, pull on the cord to ensure it is firmly in place.

Included is a wall hanger. This is suitable for plasterboard and wood walls but not concrete or stone. For concrete and stone walls, drill a hole and put a rawl plug into it, followed by a screw on which you can hang the picture.

If you need any help, please ring us on 01858374227 and one of our framers will talk you through it.

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